SunJoined and the Idea of ‘Potluck Capitalism’

Capitalism has its perks and its faults too. One of the main problems with capitalism is that a minority inevitably benefit while many others struggle. This is the state of many industries, including the hemp industry. There are hundreds of farmers, processors, and distributors of hemp products in the U.S. alone. However, just a few of these companies rake in a large percentage of the profits.

Lamar Wilson, an economist and entrepreneur with experience in the blockchain business, said he saw this capitalism model in the hemp industry and was pushed to act. Admittedly, Wilson has an interest in hemp products, but he also has a thing for making efficient supply chains. It is a combination of these three things that brought about SunJoined.

SunJoined is not a company per se, but a network of different players in the hemp industry like farmers, processors, distributors, and manufacturers. The purpose of the network is to create a mutually beneficial relationship that involves sharing best practices. SunJoined also conducts research into the best seed strains and provides the farmers in its network with seeds and clones. After harvest, processors have the option of buying from the farmers in the SunJoined network. The advantage that processors have is that they get to choose from different hemp strains grown by different farms in the network who are spread out across the U.S. SunJoined guarantees the highest quality hemp plants which contain less than 0.3 percent of THC.

SunJoined already counts thousands of acres of farmland in several states across the U.S. as part of its network. The idea of ‘potluck capitalism’ is a refreshing approach to the status quo. SunJoined is essentially a unit that supports its partners to grow in a win-win-win approach.

The fact is that the world is begging for more ideas like SunJoined’s ‘potluck capitalism.’ In just three months after SunJoined was launched in 2019, the organization already had over 700 members, and the numbers keep increasing daily. What’s more, SunJoined has been able to raise half a million dollars in a short time on We Funder.

According to Wilson, networks are a great equalizer. Networks like SunJoined are what the “underdogs” need to get a competitive advantage against the major players in every industry. I believe ‘potluck capitalism’ is desperately needed in many other industries.

SunJoined does not only profess the idea of ‘potluck capitalism,’ but actually practices it. The organization has released a Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, which was created by working with the members of the network. The company got the hemp used to make this product from the farmers in its network. The plants were processed by processors who are part of the network, and the final product is distributed globally by distributors who are part of the network.

SunJoined’s Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is available with varying concentration levels; 500mg, 1000mg, or 1500mg. It comes with different flavors like Watermelon, Lemonade, and Cannafresh.

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