On Duty CBD Brand Review

On Duty CBD is one of the producers of premium quality CBD products in the U.S. This company, which is based in Kentucky, is run by veterans and a team of medical experts from some of the leading research universities in the country. All On Duty CBD products are produced in-house from seed-to-finish.

On Duty represents American values. The company is on a mission to introduce CBD to people who have “been called to service.” This includes first responders, firefighters, military officers, gun enthusiasts, teachers, nurses, and so much more. On Duty does not cut any corners in the manufacturers of its products to guarantee that you get the very best.

Many CBD brands out there outsource the manufacturing of their products to large companies who mass-produce them without any strict operational procedure. This often results in products that contain contaminants. But On Duty takes a different approach.

“On Duty is a veteran farmed and operated seed-to-bottle operation, delivering premium-quality, trusted CBD products to the outdoor industry,” On Duty CEO, Greg Keeley, a retired U.S. Navy Commander, said. “Our team consists of farmers, Ph.D. chemists, scientists, medical doctors, and veterans. On DUty CBD is made “in house.” Supporting our military and first responders with American grown, veteran farmed CBD products is important to us, after all, no matter what you do, you are always on duty.”

On Duty CBD gets is hemp from veterans who grow them in small batches in Kentucky. Once the plants are harvested, they are sent to the company’s laboratory in Lexington where it is extracted, tested, produced, and bottled. All the products at the On Duty CBD online store have been tested by third-party labs. You can easily access the test results before you buy anything. This company doesn’t cut corners in the quest to provide top-grade CBD products. Every CBD product from On Duty is free of pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, and other contaminants. They are also suitable for vegans and are not tested on animals. But that’s not all, each product comes with a QR code which allows the company to trace it back to the patch of land where the hemp used to make it was harvested.

On Duty CBD has a few products in its collection.

a. On Duty Pure CBD Oil: This product is a blend of organic coconut MCT oil and full spectrum hemp flower extract. On Duty’s Pure CBD Oil comes with different CBD concentration levels. You can opt for either 500mg, 750mg or 1500mg at $54.95, $74.95 and $124.95 respectively.

b. On Duty THC Free CBD Oil: This product contains coconut MCT oil and hemp flower extract. It contains all the cannabinoids in the hemp plant apart from THC. It is available in 500mg, 750mg and 1500mg CBD concentration levels which are going for $54.95, $74.95, and $124.95 respectively.

c. On Duty Pure CBD Lotion: This product contains hemp flower extract as well as grapeseed extract, apricot oil, coconut oil, purified water, sesame oil, and canola oil. It comes in a 120ml bottle which contains 750mg of CBD and is going for $49.95.

d. On Duty Pure Topical Roll-On: This product is made of coconut MCT oil and full spectrum hemp flower extract. It comes in a 10ml bottle with a CBD concentration level of 330mg and costs $36.95.

Apart from these, On Duty also has a CBD Oil for Pets. Check out the company’s online store, http://ondutycbd.com, for more information about On Duty and its products.

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